I am a great believer that gardening is a thing that is not restricted the way some activities are. You don’t need years of hard training or the need to have expensive tools and equipment,  even a knowledge of plants is not a requirement. Its a thing of beauty that can  be enjoyed by all walks of life age is neither a help or a restriction. You may have started like me, a small child following his dad  around his plot and garden at home , picking up tips as I grew . Join a gardening club or society of the plants that you enjoy,  my love of Alpines led me to the Scottish Rock Garden Club where you can sit and enjoy monthly talks by Professionals and Amateurs alike on a wide array of subjects , taking ideas home to put into practice plus the plant raffles , seed exchanges ….oh and the tablet at the Christmas fair. Ask a neighbour about what grows in their garden it can be invaluable information. But most of all,  is to enjoy it, it can be your escape from a hard day at work, to unwind scents wafting around as you ponder . It can be playing with your children or pottering in old age or it can be the challenge of putting new ideas into practice inspired by what you may have seen on Gardeners World or a visit to a local open garden day.

Whatever inspires you into gardening I hope that I can help put your ideas along with my suggestions into a design that will meet all of your expectations